Welcome and thank you for signing up to my ‘Inspired Organisation’ pop up facebook group for May 2015.

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Firstly well done to you for identifying a challenge and TAKING INSPIRED ACTION to make improvements.

My intention is to provide lots of value, to enable you feel more confident about organisation, planning and all round productivity.

Through the Facebook community I’ll be able to answer your specific queries around organisation and you’ll receive a wealth of support, encouragement and inspiration from both me and your fellow creative entrepreneurs who are on the same path as you and similarly investing in their future success.  Click here to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/InspiredOrganisation/

I’m excited to be able to assist you this month as you achieve unprecedented breakthroughs in organisation – which of course will positively impact all areas of your life.

Let’s start by creating an intention for the month to form the foundation of our success.

Intention setting

Intention setting is powerful. Do you utilise this to its full capacity in your life?

We can set intentions around many different things in all areas of our life. Intentions create clarity. Intentions require thought, brain action and decisions. They require us to identify clearly what we desire. It is wonderful to have choice, for some people it can be a hindrance! That is, they find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what they desire.

So intentions require a certain amount of self discipline and a little bit of organisation but the pay-offs are huge.

Intentions give the brain a direction to focus on, a path, a map. The Universe could organise itself in a myriad of ways for any set of events but if you have crafted an intention it’s like giving the Universe a GPS.

The brain and mind are powerful tools so we can utilise them for our greatest benefits.



5 step simple formula for creating

laser clear intentions for productivity


  1. Set aside time to devote to setting the intention
  2. Think, imagine, brainstorm, create, jot down ideas
  3. Draft your intention and ensure clarity of language
  4. Finalise your draft – print or write it out
  5. Re-visit regularly 

In more detail 

 Step 1   Create space to set your intention. No interruptions. If your intention is big and important you’ll want to do this.

Time saving tip: be thinking of what intentions you like to set as you are waiting for public transport, waiting in queues etc. jot down some notes on your cell phone or notebook to pick up on later. 

Step 2   Engage your imagination and creativity. Be careful not to place limits on what you believe is possible.   Be open and go for best case scenario – feel good about this. Be Expansive. Jot down thoughts as they come to you, create a mind-map, list down everything.

How long will this part take? If you think you might go off on tangents set a timer.

Step 3  Now go through it all and write or type it out succinctly.

Ensure clarity of language. Use present tense. Be precise.   

Step 4   Finalise your draft, print it out or write it out in its final version. Add colour and/or images as desired. 

Step 5   Re-visit your intention regularly. Keep it in an accessible place. Have a version on your mobile device so you can keep it with you at all times to refer to.


More on how intention setting affects your daily productivity during the course of the month

Here is an example of an intention you might set for May and being part of this group: 


My intention with joining Mary’s ‘Inspired Organisation’ May FB group is:

  • To improve my organisational skills
  • To learn new ways that I can be more organised and thus productive
  • To benefit from the support and inspiration within the FB community
  • [insert your own more specific organisational improvement goals]


I understand that the effort I put in, is in direct correlation to the results I get out so in order to achieve the above I will:

  • Commit to BIG improvements in this area
  • Set myself a challenge to make May 2015 my most productive & organised month yet [woohoo]
  • Value this opportunity to learn and improve [pretend it cost $$$$]
  • Set aside time to go through the exercises
  • Participate in the FB group by asking questions and posting progress
  • Make any necessary improvements to my mindset

hope this is useful, let me know your thoughts in the Facebook group