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What is music career coaching?

Music career coaching helps you develop more focus, complete more projects and music material, as well as be more consistent.   Through your weekly individual calls with me, you’ll feel good that you now have the insight to know which task is most important and be able to get that done.

You’ll learn how to handle any knock backs and deal with fear of failure (or fear of success).  You’ll become more aware of what’s going on for you that creates self doubt, self criticism, perfectionism and writers block. 

You’ll understand HOW you access your natural state of flow (inspiration) and be able to capitalize on this. 

With less resistance and this new self awareness, now your music career can flourish.  

You’re an artist AND an entrepreneur.  It’s a LOT to handle, not to mention, time consuming.  Many artists wonder when they’ll reach their goals and how.  A music career coach helps speed up your journey to earning a comfortable living from performing, writing and touring.

How do I know if I need a music career coach?

About to break (into the industry)?

If you’ve been building your music career ship for some years and it’s ready to set sail – then this is a crucial time for you.  You’re feeling confident with your music and voice, however, have you built the right team around you, who you can trust?

Do you notice any patterns of holding yourself back such as getting distracted and not completing projects?

Do you suffer from bouts of anxiety and stress?

These things WILL continue to hold you back if not addressed at the root cause. I help you get to grips with such challenges so that your career can take off, with minimum stress.  If there are setbacks, you’ll be equipped to handle these with ease. 

Already established?

Even though you’re already touring the world performing in large stadiums and living the dream, the lifestyle of a singer songwriter can be grueling, ironically isolating and difficult.  There are many important music and business decisions to be made each day and now you’re responsible for a lot of people’s pay cheques as well.

Who’s there supporting YOU?

You’ll find a calm oasis in your coaching sessions where you can not only off load what’s really on your mind- whether it’s a bad case of writers block due to the huge expectations of your third album, or you’re passionate to set up a foundation but don’t know where to start, or you want to explore what your future looks like and how you can create more time in your schedule.  I’ll help you stay sane in this crazy life you live!


This is not surface level ‘nice conversation’– we’ll be exploring deep into your values, motivations, goals and helping you overcome any unhealthy habits or behaviours so you can experience lasting transformation. 

My approach

We’ll look at where you are and where you want to go, so we can map out a plan.

 I’ll challenge you and how you see your world.  You’ll understand your blind spots and what’s stopping you reach your goals. 

 We focus on 3 key areas: 

Music Vision

  • Are you completing your music material and getting it out there for people to hear?
  • Are you promoting yourself effectively?
  • Are you engaging with your fanbase and nurturing these relationships?


  • Are you aware of how your thinking is affecting your behavior and results?
  • Do you hold any limiting beliefs around what’s possible for you?
  • Do you have ways of handling stress effectively?

Business Strategy - decisions, decisions..

  • Are you aware of what your next steps are and how to take them?
  • Do you know what type of people you work best with, who you need on your team and where to find them?
  • Have you got multiple streams of income set up?

At the end of each session you’ll have action steps, reflection or journaling exercises to do – and we’ll review these each week. 

We’ll look at how you are using your time and with what tasks so you can begin to work more efficiently. 

I use my skills of intuition, deep listening, powerful questioning and empathy and I create an environment where you are free to explore your most authentic self.

Each session builds on the next so you’ll start to feel more motivated, productive and have a greater sense of direction.   Watch the opportunities roll in. 

How do I know if music career coaching is right for me?

Can you answer yes to the following:


I want to travel the world, make a living from my work and impact people with my craft


I can’t physically see myself doing anything else


Even though I want to move forward, I sometimes have an inability to sit still and complete a task


I’m willing to be challenged on how I see things, so I can learn and grow


I’m ready to invest in my career and personal development


I’m ready to step it up and receive in more recognition, reward and income


I’ve been working with Mary for about 3 months now and I can honestly say that it’s one of the best things that I’ve done for my career.

Bisola Atinmo

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How to work with me:

Music Career Fast Track Program

The service that I offer to music artists is the 3 month Fast Track your music career individual coaching program.  

With 3 x 60 minute coaching sessions per month this is the best way to progress your music career for clarity and momentum.  

We’ll map out your goals and vision, uncover your deepest desires as well as deepest fears and unlock more of your authentic potential.  

You’ll come out the other end with a deeper understanding of who you are as a person and artist with a clear vision of what you want as well as what you don’t want and why.  

You’ll be challenged along the way as well as championed.  

This program requires a commitment from you of your time and energy as well as the financial investment. 

Music Career Fast Track Program

3 month individual coaching program

£330 per month

More details

3 x 60 min calls per month

Email support between sessions 

To help you reach your goals we’ll look at your:

  • Music Vision
  • Business Strategy
  • Mindset


3 monthly payments of £330

Initial consult 

60 min music career consultation


More details

1. Fill in the contact form here and click submit.


2. You’ll be emailed a payment link and a questionnaire to ponder over, complete and return.  


3. We’ll then schedule a suitable date/ time for our call, usually via Zoom. 


4. During our call you get to experience the benefits of coaching and my unique style.  

I’ll be interested to learn where you are in your music career, your goals, and how they’ll fit into your preferred lifestyle and what mindset patterns or behaviours might be getting in the way of your zone of creative genius. 

You’ll come away from the session with fresh perspectives, new insights and ideas.



Got Questions?

What results can I expect?

Results of course, vary and are dependent a lot on the commitment, dedication and focus of the artist.  Artists I’ve worked with have seen significant positive change in just a few sessions.  In my first session with one artist, the insights he came away with and the action he took as a result of my coaching, saved him £20,000.  See more testimonials here.  

I help artists get to the core of the issue.  It’s not surface level practicalities or advice but more an in-depth look at your motivations, thinking patterns and increasing your self awareness.  

If you’re ready for this level of personal transformation, I could be the right coach for you.  Book your initial consult to find out.  😊

What happens after the 3 month program?

When your fast track coaching program comes to an end, we evaluate how far you’ve come.  You’ll be in a great position to assess your own coaching needs and what’ll work best for you.  This may look like 2 sessions per month to keep up the momentum, a monthly check-in or to continue with the same schedule for consistency, routine and maximum impact.  

In the world of coaching and personal development, 3 months is a very short amount of time and I highly recommend working with a coach for your ongoing support, personal development and for maintaining optimal mental health and well being.  

Lasting change takes place over time.

Can I just book individual coaching sessions?

Yes, however, I don’t recommend it.  That’d be like booking one session or ad hoc sessions with a personal fitness trainer.  You’ll get value from it, but without a structure and goals it will hang in mid air.  

My 3 month fast track your music career coaching program is designed to take you through various stages of insight, self awareness and change.  

It would be too much and impossible to pack this in to one session! 

How will I know if you’re the right coach for me?

Working with a coach is a very individual thing.  The chemistry has to be right.  We’ll find this out in our initial music career consult call.  

Prior to this call you can have a think about what qualities your ideal coach would have, what approaches work well for you, what approaches don’t work well for you and what you need most in a coach.  From here, prepare some questions you can ask me (or other coaches you’re considering) that’ll help you with your decision making process and satisfy your mind.  

As a coach, I’m flexible and adaptable and my coaching caters to your needs.  

When we work together, we work as a team. 

I work best with artists who are ambitious, spiritual minded, who don’t want to have to hustle 24/7, are curious and open to new ways of thinking. 

What’s the difference between a music career coach and an artist manager?

An artist manager mainly looks after your day to day business needs – like bookings, negotiations, media opportunities, touring and planning recording sessions.  They might offer some input into artist development and career vision but it’ll be a small part of what they do.  They’ll expect you to be very clear and confident within yourself about the direction you want your career to go in and they’ll take direction from this.  Artist managers have a vested interest in your career success, their income depends on it.  

A music career coach is a very separate entity from your day to day core team.  A music career coach doesn’t interact with other members of an artist’s inner circle.   This means you have a very confidential, safe space to air any concerns about any aspect of your career.   It’s a chance to process what you’re feeling and going through away from the hustle and bustle of the people you spend 24/7 with.  

As a music career coach I’ve years of personal development training and experience.  I’m able to help you navigate your personal relationships, business boundaries and negotiations, work/ life balance, clarity with career direction and more. 

I work very independently from your core team and I don’t have a vested interest in your success.   I don’t take any credit or responsibility for your career success.   This means I, as your coach have zero bias.

My intention with coaching is that you access your authenticity, your deepest truth and live your most fulfilling life, whatever that may look like.  

I’ll help you uncover what that is for you.  

What’s your cancellation & refund policy?

As I offer a service, I don’t provide refunds for sessions that have already taken place.  In an unusual circumstance that you can’t continue with the coaching program, you can cancel with a weeks written notice. 

I have a stringent enrolment process which minimises this happening.  If I don’t think we’re a good fit to work together in our initial session, I will let you know.  I don’t take on any artists unless they are 100% happy and satisfied that my coaching program is for them.  We find this out during the enrolment process.