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Finally, get your music material finished so you can make a living and tour the world, even if you’ve been working on your album for two years.  

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Do you dream of becoming an internationally recognised artist?


Do you have music material that you should have finished years ago?


Do you have a tendency to overestimate your own ability and pile on too many things at once?

Fear not! I’ll show you how to stay focused and be more consistent so you’ll be sharing photos like the one here, on your Instagram.  

 In this 3 day self development class, you’ll learn how to:


Understand your mind in a way that works FOR you, and not feeling like your own worst enemy

Get back on track and into your state of flow – when you’re lacking in focus and entertaining self doubt  

Follow through on your great ideas and commit to the music, so you can feel at your best

Take more consistent action and gain more exposure so you’ll be scouted by Ed Sheeran’s manager and asked to support him on tour

My whole career has changed, I’ve stopped operating from a place of fear but actually believe that I can do and get what I want


What’s included:

Class content delivered to your inbox each day – presentation style video and accompanying notes

Access the content in your own time and at your own pace

Share your progress, get support and connect with your fellow artists in our private facebook group

Bonus guided audio to walk you through the Focus Formula steps


Presented by Mary Toolan

Hi, I’m Mary.

I help ambitious, highly talented singer songwriters become the artist they KNOW they’re meant to be. 

With music labels now having less power and ability to develop new artists, it’s crucial that you learn how to be a lot more pro-active. 

Your mindset is the foundation of your success and happiness in the music industry, and that’s what I help you master. 

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